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The AMERICAN SUBMARINER is the quarterly magazine published by the US Submarine Veterans, Inc. and is a major benefit that all USSVI members receive. In fact, many members tell us that getting this magazine, alone is worth the dues we paid to be a member of USSVI.

Why? Because it is not only keeps you informed about our organization, it also keeps you up to date about the latest developments in the US Navy’s Submarine force. It also honors the tradition, heritage and service of all submariners, who proudly earned the designation “Qualified in Submarines” and the right to wear Dolphins, by regularly featuring articles about boats, their crews and missions conducted during past eras like World War II, Korea, Viet Nam and Desert Storm. 

AMERICAN SUBMARINER issues are online at the USSVI website from 2005, and earlier issues can be had in PDF format by requesting them from Joseph Mathis, our National Archivist (

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