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Sea Stories and Other Funnies

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bmarine warfare past and present 1907

Ernest Borgnine “I Am The American Sailor”

July 4th Navy Style

German Submarines 1918

Submarine telephone talker manual 1944

Submarine Cuisine 2004

USS Finback SS230 and George H W Bush

Daddy? by Bob “Flapper” Parker

21st Birthday by Bonefish Sailor Paul “PEP” Perris

Reappearing Dolphins by Skip Edwards

2012_October_Periscope Scorpion



Submarine Humor

Collection from the After Battery by Bob “Dex” Armstrong and other notable bubbleheads


Click a player below to hear some of our fond memories (try more than one at a time for a really fun experience!)

Surface, Surface, Surface


Collision Alarm


Ruffles and Flourishes


Anchors Aweigh


Clear the Bridge Diving Alarm


Eternal Father


GQ Alarm


Classic SP Phone Growler


Sub Diving Alarm


Periscope Depth


Piping Aboard


Ships Bell


Sonar Ping Short


Sonar Ping Long




Theme Song from Silent Service show


WW II Dive Alarm


640 Class Surface