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Meeting Minutes

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(SS-223) and (SS-582)

Redlands California

September 23, 2017


Our organization’s purpose is “To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country. That their dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments.   Pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States of America and its Constitution.

In addition to perpetuating the memory of departed shipmates, we shall provide a way for all Submariners to gather for the mutual benefit and enjoyment. Our common heritage as Submariners shall be strengthened by camaraderie. We support a strong U.S. Submarine Force.

The organization will engage in various projects and deeds that will bring about the perpetual remembrance of those shipmates who have given the supreme sacrifice. The organization will also endeavor to educate all third parties it comes in contact with about the services our submarine brothers performed and how their sacrifices made possible the freedom and lifestyle we enjoy today.”

1200 Hours:

At the sound of the klaxon, Commander Daryl Brock convened the meeting of the Bonefish Base. Chuck Orman, Tim Martz, and Gene Adams read Our Creed.  Rocky Rockers was asked to lead members present in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Don Noyes gave the opening prayer.

Tolling of the Boats:

The following boats were lost during the month of September.

USS S-5 (SS-110)

Lost on September 1, 1920 when a practice dive went wrong and she sank bow-first, with her stern showing above the water. In a dramatic adventure, her exhausted crew was rescued during the next few days.  Salvage attempts were unsuccessful. S-5 settled to the bottom and was abandoned.

USS Grayling (SS-209)

Lost on September 9, 1943 with the loss of 76 men near the Tablas Strait. Grayling was on her 8th war patrol and sank two ships before being lost.

USS Pompano (SS-181)

Pompano was sunk (between September 17 and October 5) with the loss of 77 men while on her 7th war patrol.  Possibly lost on September 17, 1943.  Japanese records show that a submarine was sunk in her patrol area on 17 September by air and depth charge attack off the Aomori Prefecture near Shiriya Zaki.  Before being lost, she sank two enemy cargo ships.  The exact cause of her loss remains unknown, but she probably was sunk by the air/sea attack above or fell victim to a mine on or after 9/25/1943.  This boat’s last recorded ship (Taiko Maru) sunk happened on September 25th, so she probably hit a mine on or after that date but before October 5th, when she was scheduled back at Midway.

USS S-51 (SS-162)

Lost on September 25, 1925 with the loss of 33 men when it was sunk after collision with SS City of Rome off Block Island.

USS Cisco (SS-290)

Lost on September 28, 1943 on her first war patrol with the loss of 76 men in the Sulu Sea west of Mindinao.

A Submariner Remembered:  George Riolo made a presentation honoring two brothers who served on submarines and made the supreme sacrifice.  Edward Francis Sullivan, Jr., Lieutenant, Junior Grade, was serving on the USS Grayling (SS-209) when she was lost on September 9, 1943.  His younger brother, Donald Charles Sullivan, Radioman Third Class, was lost less than two months earlier when the R-12 (SS-89) foundered on a training mission off Key West, Florida on June 12, 1943.

TAPS: Upon the conclusion of the presentation of A Submariner Remembered, TAPS were rendered and Commander Brock requested a moment of silent prayer in remembrance of shipmates who made the supreme sacrifice.

Guest/Member Introductions:

Commander Brock introduced guests present and provided the opportunity for all Bonefish Base members present to introduce themselves and note the Submarine on which they had qualified.


Commander Brock informed members present that the Bonefish Base Meeting minutes of August 26, 2017 had been posted on the website and the Secretary had copies for anyone wishing to review them. Hearing no requests for additions, deletions, and/or corrections, Commander Brock declared the Minutes of August 26, 2017 approved as printed

 Treasurer’s Report:

Commander Brock presented the Treasurer’s report for the month of August 2017 on behalf of Bonefish Base Treasurer Everett Noyes who was not able to attend the meeting.

Beginning Balance:                                                                                              $3,435.68


National Dues for S. Williamson:                                                       $  25.00

Opportunity Drawing – G. Riolo:                                                                     10.00

Donation to USS Scorpion fund                                                        99.00

Total Expenses:                                                                                           $134.00


Opportunity Drawing                                                                           $  35.00

Arizona Memorial                                                                                              6.00

New Inland Empire Hats,                                                                        60.00

National/Base dues (S. Williamson)                                                           35.00

Total Income:                                                                                                 $136.00

 Ending Balance –August 31, 2017                                                               $3,437.68

Hearing no requests for additions, deletions and/or corrections, Commander Brock declared the Treasurer’s report for the month of August approved as printed.

Binnacle List:

Dennis Fuqua

Allan Kilpatrick

Frank McCoy

Old Business:

Commander Brock informed members present of the following pending events:

Elections:  Members wishing to volunteer for any of the elected Bonefish Base positions should

Notify Frank Campbell or any eBoard member

Bourn’s STEM Program: October 4-5, 7:00 AM to 4OO PM.

Scorpion Donation: Commander Brock read a letter of thanks addressed to the Bonefish Base for the contribution of $99 made to the USS Scorpion Fund.

New Business:  Michael Williamson was given the opportunity to report on the USSVI National Convention which he recently attended, August 31st to September 6th, in Orlando, Florida.  Michael began his presentation by thanking Bonefish Base members for their support in his campaign to be elected Western District 6 Commander.  With respect to the SSVI Convention, he provided the membership with a comprehensive and informative description of the activities that took place at the Convention as well as programmatic changes in the administration of USSVI.  He noted that a new computer system is being implemented by USSVI.  This new system promises to be friendly with “all computer systems”.


The Program for this meeting was a presentation by Waco Merchant, Director of the WAVES (Wounded American Veterans Experience Scuba) Project. Mr. Merchant noted that the WAVES Project is a nonprofit organization that is specifically designed to work with wounded veterans using the platform of SCUBA diving conducted by specially trained diving instructors.  At the conclusion of his presentation and a brief video showing program participants in action, Mr. Merchant provided opportunity for dialogue with the membership relative to the various aspects of the program.

Sailing List:

Gene Adams Dave Norton George Riolo
Daryl Brock Donald Noyes Rocky Rockers
Frank Campbell Columba O’Gorman Dan Rowland
Izar Martinez Chuck Orman Michael Williamson
Tim Martz  
Associate Members
Jan Noyes
Honored Guests
Marcia Campbell Kikki Merchant
Paula Martz Waco Merchant


Commander Brock adjourned the meeting at 1:00 PM. Shipmates in attendance subsequently enjoyed lunch together.

Respectfully submitted,

Izar A. Martinez


Meeting Dates:

The Bonefish Base (SS-223)/(SS-582) meets at 11:30 hours on the fourth Saturday of the month. Currently meetings are being held at The Zacatecas Café, 3767 Iowa Avenue, Riverside, California.