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Lost Boats and Personnel

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Submarines Lost with all or part of their crews.

F-4 (SS-23)Mar-25-191521Battery explosion off Hawaii
F-1 (SS-20)Dec-17-191719Rammed off Honolulu
H-1 (SS-28)Mar-12-19204Foundered off Santa Margarita Island, CA
S-5 (SS-110)Sep-01-19200Accidental intake of water through the main induction valve off the Delaware Capes
O-5 (SS-66)Oct-28-19233Collision with SS ABANGAREZ (United Fruit Company) off the Panama Canal
S-51 (SS-162)Sep-25-192533Collision with SS City of Rome off Block Island, RI
S-4 (SS-109)Dec-17-192740Collision with USCG Paulding off Provencetown, MA
Squalus (SS-192)May-23-193926Sank on sea trials off Portsmouth, NH
O-9 (SS-70)Jun-20-194133Foundered off Isle of Shoals 15 miles from Portsmouth NH
Sealion (SS-195)Dec-10-19415Killed on board in bombing raid on Cavite, P.I.
S-36 (SS-141)Jan-20-19420Ran aground on Karang Takabakang (also known as Taka Bakang Reef) in the Makassar Strait, west of Southern Celebes
S-26 (SS-131)Jan-24-194246Sank after ramming by USS PC460 Gulf of Panama
Shark (SS-174)Feb-11-194259Sunk East of Menado, Celebes
Perch (SS-176)Mar-03-19426Sunk along 100 fathom curve northeast of Kangean Island, Java
S-27 (SS-132)Jun-19-19420Ran aground off the coast of Amchitka Island
Grunion (SS-216)Jul-30-194270Sunk near Entrance to Kiska Harbor
S-39 (SS-144)Aug-13-19420Struck a submerged reef off Rossel Island, in the Louisiade Archipelago
Argonaut (SS-166)Jan-10-1943102Sunk near Rabaul (05? 155'N
Amberjack (SS-219)Feb-16-194373Sunk off Rabaul
Grampus (SS-207)Mar-05-194371Sunk in the Blackett Strait
Triton (SS-201)Mar-15-194374Sunk somewhere between Rabaul and Shortlands Basin
Pickerel (SS-177)Apr-03-194374Sunk within lume of Shiramuka Light off Honshu
Grenadier (SS-210)Apr-22-19434Sunk near Penang
R-12 (SS-89)Jun-12-194342Foundered off Key West while operating on the surface
Runner (SS-275)Jul-12-194378Sunk north of Hokkaido
Pompano (SS-181)Sep-09-194377Sunk off the northeast coast of Honshu
Grayling (SS-209)Sep-17-194376Sunk in or near Tablas Strait, RPI
Cisco (SS-290)Sep-28-194376Sunk in Sulu Sea west of Mindinao
S-44 (SS-155)Oct-07-194356Sunk 5th patrol; off Paramushiru, Kuriles
Wahoo (SS-238)Oct-11-194380Sunk in La Perouse Strait northwest coast of Honshu
Dorado (SS-248)Oct-12-194377Sunk in Western Atlantic, possibly near Cuba
Corvina (SS-226)Nov-16-194382Sunk just south of Truk
Sculpin (SS-191)Nov-19-194363Sunk north of Oroluk Island near Truk
Capelin (SS-289)Dec-02-194376Sunk off Celebes possibly off Kaoe Bay
Scorpion (SS-278)Feb-01-194477Sunk in East China Sea/ Yellow Sea
Grayback (SS-208)Feb-26-194480Sunk near 25? 47'N x 128? 45'E south of Okinawa
Trout (SS-202)Feb-29-194481Sunk near 22? 40'N x131?45' E in Phillipines Basin
Tullibee (SS-284)Mar-26-194479Sunk in area north of Pelews
Gudgeon (SS-211)Apr-18-194479Sunk off Saipan
Herring (SS-233)Jun-01-194483Sunk within gun range of Point Tagan, Matsuwa Island, in Kuriles
Golet (SS-361)Jun-14-194482Sunk near 41? 04'N x 14? 13'E
S-28 (SS-133)Jul-04-194449Foundered off Hawaii
Robalo (SS-273)Jul-26-194481Sunk by mine 2 miles from west Coast of Palawan Island, RPI
Flier (SS-250)Aug-13-194478Sunk Balabac Strait near Mantangule Island
Harder (SS-257)Aug-24-194479Sunk off Caiman Point off east coast of Luzon, RPI
Seawolf (SS-197)Oct-03-1944100Sunk just north of Morotai, by USS Rowell
Escolar (SS-294)Oct-19-194482Sunk somewhere east of 33? 44'N x 127? 33'E
Darter (SS-227)Oct-24-19440Grounded on Bombay Shoal
Shark (SS-314)Oct-24-194487Sunk in channel midway between Hainan and Bashi Channel
Tang (SS-306)Oct-25-194478Sunk in north end of Formosa Strait near Turnabout Island
Albacore (SS-218)Nov-07-194485Sunk in channel between Hokkaido and Honshu
Growler (SS-215)Nov-08-194486Sunk in South China Sea
Scamp (SS-277)Nov-16-194483Sunk off Inubo Saki near Tokyo Bay
Swordfish (SS-193)Jan-12-194589Sunk near Yaku Island off Kyushu
Barbel (SS-316)Feb-04-194581Sunk in southern entrance to Palawan Passage
Kete (SS-369)Mar-20-194587Sunk somewhere between 29-38N 130-02E and Midway
Trigger (SS-237)Mar-28-194589Sunk in area 32? 16'N to 30? 40'N by 132? 05'E to 127? 50'E
Snook (SS-279)Apr-09-194584Sunk in area within 100 miles east of 18? 40' N x 111? 39'E
Lagarto (SS-371)May-04-194586Sunk off Malay Coast in or near the Gulf of Siam
Bonefish (SS-223)Jun-18-194585Sunk in Toyama Wan
Bullhead (SS-332)Aug-06-194584Sunk in west end of Lombok Strait
Cochino (SS-345)Aug-26-19491Lost when submarine sank after battery explosion 100nmi N of Hammerfest, Norway
Stickleback (SS-415May-29-19580Collision
Thresher (SSN-593)Apr-10-1963129Lost when submarine sank while on sea trials
Scorpion (SSN-589)May-22-196899Lost when submarine sank during transit from Med

Shipmates On Eternal Patrol resulting from accidents where the boat was not lost.

A-2 (SS-3)1
A-3 (SS-4)2
A-7 (SS-8)8
Alabama (SSBN-731)1
Alexander Hamilton (SSBN-617)1
Archerfish (SS-311)1
Argonaut (SS-166)1
Barb (SS-220)1
Barbel (SS-580)3
Baton Rouge (SSN-689)2
Billfish (SS-286)1
Blackfish (SS-221)1
Blueback (SS-326)1
Boarfish (SS-327)1
Boise (SSN-764)1
Bonefish (SS-582)4
Bonita (SS-165)1
Boston (SSN-703)1
Bream (SS-243)4
Bugara (SS-331)2
Burrfish (SS-312)3
C-4 (SS-15)1
C-5 (SS-16)1
Cabrilla (SS-288)2
Canopus (AS-34) (Sub Tender)3
Chanticleer (ASR-7)2
Char (SS-328)1
Cobia (SS-245)1
Cod (SS-224)1
Corporal (SS-346)1
Crevalle (SS-291)1
Croaker (SS-246)2
Cutlass (SS-478)1
D-2 (SS-18)2
Dace (SSN-607)1
E-2 (SS-25)5
Florida (SSBN-728)1
Florikan (ASR-9) (Sub Rescue Ship)1
Flounder (SS-251)1
Flying Fish (SS-229)3
Flying Fish (SSN-673)1
Francis Scott Key (SSBN-657)1
Frank Cable (AS-40) (Sub Tender)3
Fulton (AS-1) (Sub Tender)2
George C Marshall (SSBN-654)3
George Washington Carver (SSBN-656)1
Georgia (SSBN-729)1
Grayback (LPSS-574) (SS-574) (SSG-574)7
Guardfish (SSN-612)3
Guitarro (SS-363)1
Hake (SS-256)2
Halfbeak (SS-352)1
Halibut (SS-232)1
Hammerhead (SS-364) Relief Crew1
Henry Clay (SSBN-625)1
HMS H-51
Holland (AS-32) (Sub Tender)2
Howard W. Gilmore (AS-16)1
Jack (SS-259)1
Jallao (SS-368)1
Jimmy Carter (SS-23)1
John Adams (SSBN-620)1
John C. Calhoun (SSBN-630)2
L-10 (SS-50)1
L-3 (SS-42)1
Lewis and Clark (SSBN-644)1
Los Angeles (SSN-688)1
Louisiana (SSBN-743)1
Medregal (AGSS-480)1
Mingo (SS-261)2
Minneapolis-St Paul (SSN-708)2
Muskallunge (SS-262)1
Narwhal (SS-167)1
Nathan Hale (SSBN-623)1
Nathanael Greene (SSBN-636)1
Nautilus (SS-168)1
Nautilus (SSN-571)4
Nebraska (SSBN-739)3
O-1 (SS-62)1
O-4 (SS-65)1
O-12 (SS-73)1
O-14 (SS-75)1
O-15 (SS-76)1
Oklahoma City (SSN-723)1
Otus (AS-20)8
Parche (SS-384)2
Pasadena (SSN-752)1
Perch (SS-176)1
Perch (SSP-313)2
Picuda (SS-382)2
Pintado (SS-387)1
Piper (SS-409)1
Plunger (SS-179)1
Plunger (SSN-595)1
Pollack (SS-180)1
Pomodon (SS-486)5
Porpoise (SS-172)1
Proteus (AS-19)2
Puffer (SS-268)1
R-6 (SS-83)2
R-7 (SS-84)1
R-9 (SS-86)1
R-15 (SS-92)1
R-18 (SS-95)1
R-23 (SS-100)1
Rainbow (AS-7) (Submarine Tender)2
Rasher (SS-269)2
Redfin (SS-272)1
Requin (SS-481)1
S-2 (SS-106)1
S-10 (SS-115)1
S-11 (SS-116)1
S-14 (SS-119)2
S-15 (SS-120)1
S-17 (SS-122)3
S-18 (SS-123)1
S-24 (SS-129)1
S-31 (SS-136)4
S-33 (SS-138)2
S-34 (SS-139)2
S-37 (SS-142)4
S-38 (SS-143)1
S-40 (SS-145)1
S-41 (SS-146)1
S-49 (SS-160)4
Salmon (SS-182)3
San Francisco (SSN-711)3
Sand Lance (SSN-660)1
Santa Fe (SSN-763)1
Sargo (SSN-583)1
Scabbardfish (SS-397)1
Sea Devil (SS-400)1
Sea Fox (SS-402)5
Sea Poacher (SS-406)2
Sea Robin (SS-407)2
Seadragon (SS-194)3
Seahorse (SSN-669)1
Sealion (ASSP-315)1
Sealion (SS-195)1
Seawolf (SSN-21)1
Segundo (SS-398)1
Silversides (SS-236)1
Skate (SSN-578)2
Skipjack (SSN-585)1
Snapper (SS-185)1
Sperry (AS-12) (Sub Tender)1
Spikefish (SS-404)1
Sturgeon (SSN-637)3
Sunfish (SS-281)2
Swordfish (SSN-579)1
Tambor (SS-198)1
Tang (SS-563)2
Tautog (SS-199)1
Tecumseh (SSBN-628)2
Theodore Roosevelt (SSBN-600)1
Thornback (SS-418)1
Thresher (SS-200)1
Tilefish (SS-307)1
Tinosa (SS-283)1
Torsk (SS-423)2
Trigger (SS-564)1
Triton (SSRN-586)1
Tuna (SS-203)1
Tusk (SS-426)6
Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN-631)2
Virginia (SSN-774)1
Volador (SS-490)1

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