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On Eternal Patrol

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USS Bonefish Base members On Eternal Patrol


Durling, Ronald L.FTG2(SS)19611941 - 2009USS Gudgeon SS-567
Perris, Paul EverettRM1(SS)19701950 - 2010USS Bonefish SS-582
Stewart, Gary LeeICC(SS)19731947 - 2010USS Wahoo SS-565
Abels, Jacques (HC)LT(SS)19421917 - 2011USS Thresher SS-200
Newman, William Lee (HC)MOMM1(SS)19441926 - 2011USS R-13/SS-90
Carle, Howard A. (HC)EN2(SS)19581938 - 2013USS Pomfret SS-391
Meyer, John (HC)ET3(SS)19531929 - 2013USS Remora SS-487
Van Leeuwen, Dean L. (HC)FT2(SS)19571937 - 2013USS Barracuda SSK-1
O'Zanich, George Otto (HC)SM2(SS)19451924 - 2013USS Saury SS-189
Raplee, John Jay (HC)EM3(SS)19581939 - 2014USS Catfish SS-339
Hayes, James MichaelETR2(SS)19681948 - 2015USS Carbonero SS-337
Anderson, Henry JohnFTGC (SS)19621939 - 2017USS Growler SSG-577
McCoy, Francis P., Jr,STSCS (SS)19601938 - 2017USS Carp SS-338

Submariner’s Prayer

Eternal God, whose creative hand turned primeval seas into oceans wide, and whose omnipresent love can be as keenly felt beneath as above their undulating surface; descend with us now into the silent depths as our unfailing guide.

We men of the silent service are grateful to be among the few ever to thrill with the excitement of a dive, and sheer ecstasy of each surfacing. May we never look upon these maneuvers as mere routine, for each is an experience fresh with challenge and no little danger.  May we be ever alert to our individual duties realizing that so much depends on our doing our duty without error.

May we remember the new member of our crew who is to make his first descent, and breathe a prayer that he shall be a good submariner. May we, who know what it is to follow a course, also know Him, who said “I am the way.” May we, who gulp in hastily the first breaths of fresh air as it rushes down the hatchway following every dive, know also thy refreshing spirit.

May we who know the necessity for companionship feel our partnership with thee when the hatches are dogged and when we are rigged for dive. When all else of the surface world has been closed out, may we feel thee in every compartment, as near to us as throbbing engines, pinging sonar and the hissing of compressed air.  And when, as aging submariners our souls have descended into the depths of eternity, may the final call to us be “Surface, surface, surface,” in the name of Him who rides as the unseen crewman on every ship at sea.