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Karl Waterman, Librarian

– Slideshow of the 52 Boat Memorial Dedication on 3/25/2010 – pictures from Bonefish Base shipmates Mike Williamson and Bob Schive
A Century of Silent Service – 2 VHS Set:Part 1 The Early Years Through WWII, Part 2 The Cold War to Dawn of the 21st Century 

Extreme Machines – Nuclear Submarines

Regulus – The First Nuclear Missile Submarines

Silent Service

Submarines: Life on a Boomer

Submarines: The Ultimate Under-Sea Weapon of Secrecy and Terror

Submarine: Steel Boats – Iron Men

Submarine Warfare

– Submarines – Sharks of Steel – 4 VHS Set: 1) The Hidden Threat, 2) The Hunters and the Hunted, 3) Submariners, 4) In the Belly of the Beast

The Silent Service – History Channel Collection 5 VHS Set: 1) The Boats of WWII, 2) The Attack Plans of WWII, 3) The Torpedoes of WWII, 4) The Captains of WWII, 5) Blind Man’s Bluff

Ultimate Guide to Submarines

World War II – 5 VHS Set: 1) Report From the Aleutians, 2) The Fighting Lady, 3) Hook Down, Wheels Down, 4) Combat America, 5) Thunderbolts

– USSVI Bonefish Base Charter Photos- Bonefish Album – by Bill and Wesley Hogan- 2008 Online Elections, Proposed C-B, copy of emails and PDF of Constitution (54 pages)

– “The Submarine” a tribute to Submarine Commanders by Billy Grieves, Perch Base, USSVI and WWII Vet (34mins)

– Life Aboard a Submarine during WWII – by Billy Grieves

– Our First Year. Bonefish Base records, photos, and awards (Michael WIlliamson)- Parades, etc. (Johnny Meyer)
2010 Reserve Forces AlmanacAll Hands April 2000 Submarine Centennial – A Century of Excellence ContinuesBaby San – A Private Look at the Japanese Occupation by Hume

Black Wind by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler

Blind Man’s Bluff by Sherry Sontag & Christopher Drew

Blow Negative by Edward Stephens

Blue Jacket’s Manual 1940, 10th Edition

Blue Jacket’s Manual 1946, 13th Edition

Bright Shark by Robert Ballard & Tony Chiu

Cruisers for Breakfast – War Patrols of USS Darter and USS Dace by John G. Mansfield, Jr

Did Monkeys Invent the Monkey Wrench by Vince Staten

Federal Benefits for Veterans Dependents & Survivors by Dept of V.A.

Flag On Devil’s Island by Frances Lagrange

Gallant Lady – A Biography of the USS Archerfish by Ken Henry and Don Keith

Hellcats of the Sea by Charles A. Lockwood, VADM, USN (Ret.)

H.M.S. Ulysses by Alistair MacLean

Janes Fighting Ships 1989-90 Edited by Captain Richard Sharpe RN

Red November – Inside the Secret U.S. – Soviet Submarine War by W. Craig Reed

Seals/Sub Rescue by S.M. Gunn

Silent Sea by Harry Homewood

Silent Running – My Years on a WWII Attack Submarine by VADM James F. Calvert

Spy Story by Len Deighton

Spy Sub, by Roger C. Dunham

Stealth Boat by Gannon McHale

Steel Tiger by Stirling Silliphant

Submarineby Captain Edward L. Beach

Submarine by Tom Clancy

Submarine Commander by ADM Ben Bryant

The Battle Off Samar – Taffy III at Leyte Gulf, 5th Edition, by Robert Jon Cox (Bonefish Base former webmaster)

The Boat by Lothar Gunther

U-Boat 977 by Heinz Schaeffer

United States Submarines by David Randall Donated by John (Handy Andy) Anderson

USSVI the First 40 Years

– Wahoo – The patrols of America’s Most Famous WWII Submarine by Richard H. O’Kane RADM USN (Ret)

Warships of The World by Antony Preston

Reader’s Digest January 2008 Mystery at Sea, Page 116.– All Hands – Submarine Centennial: A Century of Excellence Continues– American Legion – Deep Discoveries

– California Veteran’s Resource Book

– VFW – Navy Explorers